Mission & Goal


To employ a collection of world class musicians, vocalists, artists, & producers who will donate their talents to a one-time songproject. 100% of the profits from royalties will go directly to the recipients on-going medical expenses.(10% will be set aside for publicity & expenses)


The goal of this project is to alleviate the enormous travel, medical care, and living expenses associated withthe very rare and devestating conditions affecting our most needy neighbors.

Song & Solution:

This is an invitation... a clarion call for caring people to get involved by donating their time and talent to someonewho desperately needs financial support. As a father of 7 children myself, the youngest of which wasborn with many medical challenges, I understand the need these families are facing. We personally saw specialistsin 3 states and endured countless obstacles in trying to find the best care for our little boy now 5 yearsold.

Jerry Vandiver and I wrote this first song, Christian's Song, after spending some time talking about the Buchanan family. Now, I believe in prayer and Iknow prayer changes situations but I also believe in doing all that I can do as well. I should say that Goduses people to answer prayers. I’m hoping that you would like to be a part of answering this prayer and thiscall with us. I’m sure that with our combined efforts and talents we can raise a flood of support and awarenessfor this little boy and his parents. Here’s how we are going to do something truly amazing!

I will send you the lyrics enclosed and an mp3 of the basic guitar & rhythm (vocal too if you’d like) and youwill add your instruments or vocals to the project. Please also include your bio information so that we maycorrectly give credit on the project description. Once completed and mastered, the song will be made availableon iTunes, ReverbNation, & Amazon Music.

*All proceeds minus production and applicableiTunes,ReverbNation, &Amazon Musicprecentage fees willgo directly to the family in need.

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