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Charity Song Fundraiserfor Lacey & Christian Buchanan

Prepared for: Musicians, Vocalists, Engineers, Publicists, & Artists

Prepared by: Scot Gilmore & Jerry Vandiver, Co-Songwriters & Producers

Project Bio: Recorded an mastered at County Q Productions Nashville Tn.

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Christian Buchanan is a happy little boy who loves life. His favorite things are his Mama, his Nana, swimming, and music. He loves playing musical instruments, especially piano, guitar and drums, although as of yet he is still learning melody! :)

Christian was born with a birth defect called
Tessier cleft lip and palate. This birth defect has only about 50 documented cases in the world. Christian's classification of Tessier cleft caused his eyes to cleft as well as his mouth, which means that he is blind.

Christian has had 3 surgeries so far and faces dozens more to repair his cleft. He has defeated all the odds and defied what doctors have said over and over. We were told that Christian wouldn't live once he was born. Not only did he live, he is a thriving and healthy little boy. We were told that Christian would be mentally impaired as well. Christian has proven to be smarter than many kids his age who have sight. Christian has never let his disability define who he is, or allow it to hold him back!

Our journey has not been an easy one, but it's definitely been worth every minute and every step we've taken. It's been hard dealing with people's reactions to Christian's appearance. We've had people stare or make rude comments to us about the way he looks many, many times. But recently, I posted a video to YouTube about our journey and how amazing Christian is, and the response has been amazing! Around 11 million people have watched the video and Christian's life has changed lives all over the world. Thousands of people have contacted me to let me know how Christian has touched them and helped them in some way.

I know that Christian is fearfully and wonderfully made, and that God's plans for him are so good! I am so proud of Christian for everything he has accomplished in his short life, and I can't wait to see all God has in store for him!

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Charity Song Lyrics:

“No Night” by Scot Gilmore & Jerry Vandiver

Your heart personifies love unpolluted

A love that's so divine and deeply rooted

No matter what you see

There are no boundaries

And I know so perfectly you'll never lose it


There is no night so dark

That it could hid your precious light

There is no night so deep

That it could take all the love inside

Away from you

Away from me

Oh noooo whoa whoa there is no night

I feel that heavy load there on your shoulder

But you are not alone to lift that boulder

We'll show the world out there

There's not a weight you bear

That together we can't share and throw it over



I hope someday we'll realize

We all see the world through the same eyes

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"There is No Night" feat. Jacqi Michaels

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